23 September 2020

Tomorrow the Member for Whitlam Stephen Jones will hold the annual Whitlam Youth Leaders Roundtable, with over 60 students, attending from 10 schools.

The Whitlam Youth Leaders Roundtable brings together students from High Schools across the Electorate to talk about issues that are important to them.

The roundtable is now it’s in 10th year. This year it has switched to an online event due to COVID-19.

Stephen Jones said “I’m very keen to hear from students about how they have been affected by COVID-19 and what I can do as their representative to help them.

The COVID 19 pandemic has tested us. It has exposed weaknesses and strengths in our community, our economy, and ourselves. We have had to learn how to be resilient, to adapt, and how to be better.

I’ve asked students to think about the impact of COVID-19, and talk about the things they would like to change within their school community and across the region, and the country”.

As part of the roundtable Stephen Jones will undertake to raise the issues in Parliament, when Parliament resumes next month.