27 February 2021

After eight years of presiding over the worst wages growth this country has ever seen, the Liberals have given up on Australian workers.
Josh Frydenberg’s plan to get workers to pay for their own pay rises out of their own retirement savings shows the Government has surrendered on a real wages policy.
Now Josh Frydenberg wants to double down on Tony Abbott’s failed wages plan.
His new plan will cost Australians twice - once when they have to pay for their own wage increase, and again when they have to pay more tax to fund the increase cost of pensions.
Well Labor has some advice for the Treasurer.
Blaming Australia’s world class superannuation system for your wages failure is not going to help wages grow.
Undermining workers savings for tomorrow to fix your political problems of today is not going to help wages grow.
Breaking your election commitment to leave the superannuation guarantee alone is not going to help wages grow.
A real wages problem needs a real wages solution, not an ideologically driven attack on Australian’s world class superannuation system.
Australian workers deserve better than a dummy spit from this Treasurer when the going gets hard.