10 February 2021

Workers know that a vote for Labor at the next election is a vote for security in retirement and better wages while they work.

Anthony Albanese’s pledge today to back in already-legislated rises in superannuation contributions to 12 per cent means wage-earners can have the confidence to plan for a dignified retirement.

They know an Albanese Government will keep its word because Labor gave birth to our world class superannuation system and has always believed in it.

This is in stark contrast to Scott Morrison, who promised to raise superannuation contributions to 12 per cent at the last election but broke his word and is now planning to repeal his own legislation.

Before the election, he told workers the current rate of 9.5 per cent wasn’t enough for a secure retirement.

After the election, he suddenly thinks it is enough, despite paying himself 15.4% with their money.

The Government’s dodgy sums to justify a super cut assume annualised wages growth of four per cent, something it has never achieved in seven years in power (during which it has presided over the worst wages performance in economic history).

Scott Morrison’s radical plan to remove wage protections for workers will only see wages go further backwards and retirement savings further starved of contributions.

It’s clear Scott Morrison thinks he can break promises he made at the last election because he thinks he’s already got the next election won.

The Prime Minister’s pledge at the Press Club to not do political vanity projects could not be further from the truth.

Cutting wages, trashing Australia’s world class superannuation system and lying to workers is the ultimate Coalition vanity project.

Only Anthony Albanese and Labor are on the side of workers and their families.