01 February 2022

Scott Morrison is the best Christmas present scammers could have asked for.

December broke the monthly record for losses to scams new numbers from Scamwatch show jumping by a third over November’s losses.

Mr Morrison’s been promising working families and small businesses he’ll protect them from these sophisticated criminals.

But the Scamwatch numbers show that, as usual, there’s been no actual action from his do-nothing Government.

Scams are costing working families and small businesses $30 billion a year.

They’ve already lost $100 billion on Scott Morrison’s watch, they can’t afford another $100 billion.

Labor has a comprehensive plan to deal with this problem.

We’ve been calling for a National Anti-Scam Centre, drawing on the successful UK model and bringing together law enforcement, banks, telcos and consumer advocates to track and stop scams in real time.

We’ve promised tough new industry codes on social media companies, telcos and banks.

We’ll review penalties for misleading conduct and malicious fake ads.

And we’ll double funding for victim recovery services so working families and small businesses can get their identities back.

Instead of taking up these sensible, practical suggestions, Scott Morrison has stood by and watched as losses go up and up and up with no consequences for the scammers.