18 May 2021

Workers have a simple message for Scott Morrison today: Hands off our super. 

Research published today shows the Government’s spin about how cutting super will somehow leave workers better off has backfired. 

Workers know when they’re being sold a dud and Scott Morrison’s anti-super marketing strategy has only served to increase support for higher contributions. 

The Government needs to reflect on the rising opposition among workers to Scott Morrison’s plans to cut their super. 

The Prime Minister and the Treasurer need to rule out now and forever the cuts they have been contemplating for two years. 

They need to put their radical anti-super backbenchers on notice that they are shredding the coalition’s credibility in this space. 

If they fail, workers will be entitled to assume the Government has not abandoned its plans to cut super, despite backgrounding to the press gallery to the contrary. 

Labor has been consistent since 1996 on this issue. 

We have never wavered in our support for a 12 percent contribution rate. 

Today’s findings confirm we are on the right side of this debate.  

Workers know healthy super contributions mean a better retirement. 

The question is, when will Scott Morrison get the message?