22 March 2021

There’s more flip-flopping from Scott Morrison on super today and more confusion for Australian workers.
Workers don’t want a new plan every five minutes.

They just want Scott Morrison to rule out cutting their super.
At the last election, he promised workers 12 per cent super contributions.
Not the  9.5 per cent he wanted to give them last week.
Not the 10 per cent that he’s briefing journalists about today.
But the 12 per cent that he said is needed to give workers dignity in retirement.
Scott Morrison must stop ducking and weaving, stand up and commit to the 12 per cent contributions his Government has already legislated and promised to uphold.
Workers, the super industry and the economy in general need certainty so they can plan for the long-term.
They deserve better than a Prime Minister who looks to workers’ superannuation as his own personal piggy bank for solving political problems.
Superannuation wasn’t created to fix Scott Morrison’s failed industrial relations policy, which has delivered record low wage growth.
It wasn’t created so women at risk of domestic violence can pay for their safety.
And it wasn’t created to fix Scott Morrison’s failure to create affordable housing for Australian families.
Superannuation is there to give workers a dignified retirement using their own savings.
Scott Morrison clearly believes superannuation works for him.
He pays himself a 15.4 per cent contribution rate. Why doesn’t he think workers deserve a decent retirement too?