16 November 2020

Labor has an important message for Assistant Minister Jane Hume.
If there’s a plan, let’s see it.
It’s time the Government took Australians into its confidence and released an exposure draft of legislation for its changes to superannuation.
It’s been six weeks since it announced the changes, out of the blue, via a vaguely worded press release on budget night.
Six weeks to consult with the industry.
Six weeks to tell Australians how the changes will affect their retirements.
Instead, Assistant Minister for Superannuation Jane Hume has gone deep into the Liberal Party bunker and refused to emerge.
Take administration fees.
Her budget-night press release says they are not going to be counted in performance benchmarks.
But her Liberal colleague, backbencher Andrew Bragg, says they are.
No wonder Australians are confused about what the changes mean for their future.
The risk of unintended consequences increases every day the Government keeps its plans to itself.
Australians and their retirement incomes cannot afford another flubbed announcement that’s long on promises but short on follow through.