$3.5 million for three new Trade Training Centres in Throsby

20 August 2013

IMG_1940.JPGMember for Throsby, Stephen Jones is delighted to welcome the announcement of three new Trades Training Centres for the electorate of Throsby.

New Trade Training Centres have been announced for Dapto High School ($1million), Chevalier College ($1.5 million) and Warilla High School ($975,000).

These new Trade Training Centres are terrific news for young people in this electorate and right across the Illawarra, Mr Jones said.

This investment in trades training in agriculture, construction, hospitality and engineering will give our kids a kick start for jobs in areas where there is a skills shortage, he said.

Through this program, the Rudd Labor Government has now invested a total of around $9.3 million in seven Trades Training Centres in Throsby this is a fantastic investment in the future of our region.

The seven Trade Training Centres in the electorate include previously announced ones at Warrawong High School, Illawarra Sports High School, Tangara School, Lake Illawarra High School, St Josephs High School.

It is great news that Federal Labor will continue to invest in new Trade Training Centres if re-elected to ensure young Australians gain the skills they need to compete for the jobs of tomorrow, Mr Jones said.

These new Trade Training Centres are concrete evidence of Federal Labors determination to ensure every young Australian can get the skills they need to succeed, no matter what field they want to build a career in, Mr Jones said.

It is my plan to continue to work to ensure that in the near future, every local student has access to a Trade Training Centre, Mr Jones said.

The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and Minister for Education Bill Shorten yesterday announced the outcome of Round Five Phase One, the next instalment of Federal Labors $2.5 billion, 10 year Trade Training Centres in Schools program.

The Trade Training Centres in Schools program is targeted at increasing Year 12 or equivalent attainment and improving student career options particularly in skills shortage areas. Eligible low socio-economic secondary schools have been prioritised in funding allocations.

Trade Training Centres in schools will address skill shortages in traditional trades and emerging industries by equipping schools with the state-of-the-art industry standard facilities they need.

The Trade Training Centres in Schools program encourages schools to work with local employers who can support the schools with expertise, equipment and provide on the job placements, school based apprenticeships and traineeships for students.

Federal Labor has now announced funding of over $1.4 billion for more than 510 Trade Training Centres benefitting more than 1,290 secondary schools across Australia. Over 60 per cent of these schools are located in regional Australia.

Funding for this program is already included in the budget.