04 January 2021

Revelations that more than a billion dollars has been wrongly withdrawn from retirement accounts shows just how badly the Liberals stuffed up their dodgy early access to superannuation scheme.
The time has now come for a rigorous independent inquiry.
Super fund members have the right to know how the Liberals’ sloppy tick-and-flick scheme allowed a billion dollars of savings to slip through the cracks.
Taxpayers have the right to know how much they’ll be up for to support those who now won’t have enough in their accounts to retire on independently.
Only an independent inquiry can answer these important questions and the Government should initiate one immediately.
The Liberals cannot be allowed to shirk accountability for their billion-dollar mistake.
Quotes attributable to Shadow Assistant Treasurer Stephen Jones:
“In a decades’ time, this scheme is going to look even dodgier than it does now.
“Only an independent inquiry can begin the process of fixing the mess the Government’s sloppiness created.
“Workers need to know how a billion dollars of their retirement savings was incorrectly siphoned off.
“Taxpayers need to know how much they’ll be paying in extra support for workers who’ll now be retiring with less than they need to live independently.”