NBN training for small businesses in Wollongong

29 July 2013

NBN_AP_Chanber_of_Commerce_meeting_230712_001.jpgLocal businesses and not-for-profit organisations in the Illawarra will receive free expert advice on how to make the most of the National Broadband Network (NBN) at a forum to be held in Wollongong today.

Minister for Regional Development and Regional Communications, Sharon Bird, said this was a great opportunity for local businesses and not-for-profits to embrace the future by learning more about the NBN.

Labor is building the NBN for all Australians. No matter where you live in the cities or in regional Australia - you will have access to the NBN, Ms Bird said.

The NBNs faster, more reliable and affordable broadband means reduced costs for businesses and local families, and the opportunity to improve productivity and create jobs locally.

"Only under Labor will all people living in the Illawarra get the fast, affordable broadband future they need. Under the Coalition, there will be a digital divide in every suburb."

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Illawarra will receive a Rudd Government grant worth $284,756 to deliver the training that will help local businesses to compete globally and create the jobs of the future.

RDA Illawarra will deliver training services as part of the Rudd Government's Digital Enterprise program.

They will work with local businesses to raise awareness of the many benefits of high-speed broadband and increase the take up of digital means of doing business.

The Wollongong Digital Enterprise will deliver group seminars and one-on-one support sessions, which will include training on website development, cloud computing, online marketing, e-commerce, and social media.

CEO of Regional Development Australia Illawarra, Natalie Burroughs, said many businesses in Wollongong would benefit from the funding.

RDA Illawarra is very excited to deliver this much needed free digital training.

The opportunities are immense for businessesthere are new markets to tap in to, new ways of doing business, better and quicker access to customers, Ms Burroughs said.

Member for Throsby, Stephen Jones, said The Wollongong Digital Enterprise is one of 70 that the Rudd Labor Government is establishing across Australia.

More than 10,000 organisations have already benefited from the advice and free training that the enterprises are delivering, Mr Jones said.

The NBN is world-class infrastructure that will serve Australias broadband needs now and into the future.

For a list of service providers announced under previous funding rounds or more information please visit: www.dbcde.gov.au/digitalenterprise.

For more information about the National Digital Economy Strategy visit www.nbn.gov.au/nbn-benefits/national-digital-economy-strategy.