21 May 2021

I’ve been critical of Liberal backbencher Andrew Bragg in the past. 
But today I want to thank him for offering some sensible advice. 
He told the Nine Newspapers today that “… we don’t tell super funds what to invest in. If people want to do that, they can go to Argentina.” 
The Treasurer should heed Senator Bragg’s call. 
The Government’s Your Super, Your Future legislation would make Josh Frydenberg the Trustee-in-Chief for every super fund in Australia. 
It would give Josh Frydenberg Hugo Chavez-style powers that would put Australia’s $3 trillion retirements savings pool under his personal control. 
His investment kill switch powers under the YSFY legislation would mean he could cancel any investment he didn’t like, from windfarms to bitcoin, at the stroke of a pen. 
Send us a postcard, Josh. 
Or maybe just drop your absurd, anti-market plans to tell super funds what they can and can’t invest in.