Rudd Government announces $632 million to train new doctors (15/03/2010)

14 January 2013

doctors.jpgThe Rudd Government will invest $632 million to train a record number of doctors - to tackle doctor shortages, expand capacity and deliver better health and better hospitals.

In total, the Rudd Governments investments will deliver an additional 5,500 new or training General Practitioners, 680 medical specialists, and 5400 pre-vocational general practice program (PGPPP) training places over the next ten years.

The Rudd Government is:

    • doubling the number of places available for medical graduates to train to become a General Practitioner from 600 when the government took office to 1,200 a year by 2014;

    • more than doubling the current number of places available for medical graduates to undertake training to become specialist doctors in private, community and rural settings from 360 to 900 by 2014;

    • doubling the number of places available for junior doctors to experience a career in general practice before they become a fully fledged doctor to 975 places a year by 2013.

These major investments will meet projected shortfalls, and help reduce pressure on hospitals by improving access and availability of GP and specialist services.

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