15 April 2021

Scott Morrison must come out today and rule out once and for all his planned cut to the superannuation guarantee which would smash the retirement savings of millions of Australians.

Backgrounding journalists with “senior government sources” about your super backflip is no substitute for being straight with Australian workers.

The time has come for the Prime Minister to look workers in the eye and tell them he was wrong.

Wrong to break his election promise to not cut their super.

Wrong to pay himself 15.4 per cent super contributions while telling them they only deserve 9.5 per cent. 

Wrong to rob millions of Australian workers of a dignified retirement.

Unless Scott Morrison can do that, Australian workers can only assume his plans to cut their super remain intact.

Those cuts will cost the average worker $100,000 in retirement and add to pressure on the aged pension and the federal Budget.

Workers’ super is never safe under the Morrison Government and the pandemic shouldn’t be used as the latest excuse to cut retirement savings.

The Liberals and Nationals have form in this area, they’re always trying to diminish, undermine and cut super.

Make no mistake if Scott Morrison wins the next election there’ll be even more attacks on super and that’s bad for Australian workers and their retirement incomes.