15 December 2021

Australia’s $3.4tr pool of super savings is the envy of the world and more of it needs to be invested right here at home to build the economy of the future.

That’s why an Albanese Labor Government will take the lead in supercharging our super system to invest in a better future for all Australians.

A Labor Government will establish an all-of-government framework for facilitating partnerships between super funds and projects of national importance.

Our Supercharging Superannuation framework will:

  • Support the development of innovative funding mechanisms for large-scale infrastructure projects to encourage greater investment by superannuation funds;
  • Develop co-investment opportunities with state and local governments for super funds to back regional infrastructure projects;
  • Develop opportunities for super funds to invest in affordable housing;
  • Facilitate super funds to back innovative Australian ideas with seed investment and bring promising research to market;
  • Facilitate super funds to invest in leading-edge farm and manufacturing technologies to keep our agricultural and value-added manufacturing sectors at the global forefront of efficiency.

Labor is committed to building back better from the once-in-a-century pandemic we’ve just experienced.

This presents a once-in-a-century opportunity to renew and refresh our economy for the challenges ahead.

Our world-leading $3.4tr super system can provide the capital to create a foundation of new projects that will serve our economy for decades into the future.

These projects will provide the reliable long-term returns our super funds need to deliver members’ strong performance and a dignified retirement.

Genuine partnerships are built on trust and mutual respect.

Only Labor believes in a strong super system and supports its role in our economy.

The Abbott-Turnbull-Morrison-Joyce Government has, in contrast, sought to undermine super by cutting contributions and using it as a cure-all for its political problems.

The Liberals have demonstrated time and time again they are incapable of working constructively with the super industry.

Only Labor can be trusted to use this precious national resource of capital for the national good.